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New Release! The Wood Kael

The Wood Kael is now available on Amazon! Very excited about this 2nd book in the Book of Kaels series and I hope you will be too.

A young woman with telepathic abilities. A handsome soldier with questionable loyalties…

Deep in the realm of Ethavia, civil war has taken its toll. The queen’s enemies have conquered the peaceful homeland of the Wood Kaels shutting down the borders making it impossible to escape.

As people disappear mysteriously, and heads appear on stakes in the town square, fear and compliance with the enemy set in. All Eryn Hill wants is to escape to the safety of Tamarik, where her cousin Cai Declan leads the battle against the queen’s enemies. When she befriends handsome guard, Trygg, sparks fly, and she learns secrets run deep in the heart of the enemy, and all who are conquered are not broken. Can she trust him to help her escape or will he turn her in, ensuring certain death?

Available now at  Amazon!

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